5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Kids Party Catering

All the parents can have a lot of happy and most amazing memories from their childhood parties and that’s why when they plan kids party for their kids, then they wish to give the same kind of feeling to their kids as well. This is something that all the parent’s want to do and to get this result they try very hard also so they can give the great joy and happiness to their kids that they got during their childhood with kids party and related catering. However, many time parents make some mistakes while planning for kids party and as a result of those mistakes kids don’t enjoy the party and parent just end up spending more money for the same. I believe as a parent you never want to make such mistakes while planning for kids party, but you make those mistakes because you do not anything about these things that can reduce the entertainment in these parties. So, here I am sharing 5 Costly Mistakes that you shall avoid when planning the catering for kids party.

7 Mistakes T5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Kids Party Cateringo Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Caterer

Planning food and activities together:

This might be one of the biggest mistakes that you can do while planning kids party. You cannot predict kids neither you can ask them to wait for food until all the activities are completed. That means if you will do the catering and activities in same room, then some then few kids will try to grab the food for eating while few others will get involved in activities and as a result of this your all the planning will go to vain. Also, some kids can come to activities with foods in their hands and that will certainly not look good in your kids party. So, if you do not wish to face the same problem, then it is extremely important that you plan the food and activities at separate place and at separate time. In case changing of room is not possible for activities and catering, then start the catering once all of your activities are completed.

Doing all the catering by yourself:

You may be an expert in cooking and you may have the capability to do catering for so many people without any help, but I wouldn’t recommend that to you for kids party. In my point of view that would be one of the biggest mistakes by you and it will affect the entertainment part as well. So, it is a good idea that when you do the catering for kids party, you get as much help as you can and try to keep yourself free. This will give you more time to control things and you will be able to plan the party in easy manner And if you are more interested in doing the catering by yourself, then you will need to find someone else who can do the management of kids and things for you along with all the serving part.

Planning an outdoor catering with no backup plan:

You can plan an outdoor party and adults may like that also because of all the nice views. But as far as kids party is concerned, kids may or may not like it and if you are planning it in Singapore, then some extra humidity or heat can definitely damage the enjoyment for kids. Also, you will have to think about rain as well and if you do not have any other covered place for catering, then you may end up having one of the worst parties. So, along with other mistakes you need to avoid this mistake as well by having a backup place for the kids party and for other entertainment part as well.

5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Kids Party Catering

Lack of adults help for kids:

At kids party you will have many young kids that may need your assistance and help for serving of the food. But many people just ignore this basic thing and because of that kids try to take the food on their own and they make many mistakes as well. Sometime this one ignorance damages the entire experience also in party. So, to avoid this complication, it is extremely important that you invite some adult or mature people also that can do personal carting for kids and they can assist kids in all kind of needs. Also, these matured or adult people can assist you also in your catering work so kids can enjoy the party in great manner.

Not taking kids opinion for food:

I believe this is one of those mistakes that you cannot undo in any condition. You need to understand that kids may have different taste buds then you have and if you will choose the foods of your taste, then kids will never like it. So, when you plan kids party, ten you need to keep this simple rule in your mind that kids are the one who will choose the menu and you will take care of the catering part only. If you are inviting some elder guests, then you can do the catering for them according to your own choice, but as far as kids are concerned, you have to leave the menu part on kids for kids party. And after taking their opinion you can remove those things from menu that are not good for kids, but make sure the main menu is designed on the basis of kids opinion.

In addition these precautions, it is also essential that you plan the day for kids party after confirming the date from your kids. Sometime adult people plan the party for kids without knowing their availability of kids best friends and as a result of these mistakes kids do not enjoy the party. Also it is suggested that as soon as you fix the date for party, then you start acting on the planning part because if you will wait for it till last minute, then you will not be able to do the planning in proper manner and your kids may not get the happy experience that you want to give them.

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