5 Food To Choose For Halal Catering

In Islamic laws, Halal basically means "which is permitted or lawful in accordance to Islamic Sharia laws". The opposite of which is Haram. The word Halal is mostly used when referring to food, explicitly indicating that the food is clean and/or pure and can be consumed by a Muslim. Therefore, it goes without saying that for any food to be considered Halal, it must wholly comply with the religious sacrament and observance of Sharia law.

5 Food To Choose For Halal Catering

Halal certification

Halal certification is a surety, warranting consumers that the food served has been subjected to permitted certification system and does not contain any forbidden components. In Singapore, just like all other Muslim countries, Halal certificates are issued by a certifying body at a fee.


This word on the other hand, as stated earlier is used to refer to food that is forbidden. The list is long but basically, Haram food in Islam includes:

- Alcohol

- Blood

- Meat and other products from Haram animals including birds of prey, carnivorous animals and pigs

- Meat and other products of animal slaughtered in an incorrect manner in the name of Allah.

However, in matter of survival, any food is permissible under Islamic laws including those that are Haram under normal circumstances.

5 Food To Choose For Halal Catering

Halal/permissible slaughter

This is the accepted way to slaughter animals such as lamb, poultry and beef. For meat to be Halal certified, the animal must be facing Mecca, its throat cut while still breathing and the sacrificed by a Muslim through recitation of swallah in dedication to Allah.

In Singapore, it is now easier to order for Halal food from delivery shops and certified catering companies. Each catering company has its own way of cooking and even the names they call their delicacies. On a lighter note, what all Halal catering companies serve are meat from beef, lamp, and other Halal animals. Also they serve western cooked using Halal ingredients. Here is a list of 5 foods served by Halal catering in Singapore.

1. Rice

Any type of rice ranging from pilau rice, basmati rice to pishori. Gladly, the rice is professionally cooked and served together with beef or chicken or any other meat of your liking.

2. For vegetarians

 You can go with anything including samosas, to onion bhajias and fish dishes. The choice is always varied all guaranteeing quality.

3. For lovers of snacks

 There is kebab served in different flavors adorned with lines of fresh salads, sauces and pitta breads all combined to form one delicious meal.

4. Halal, non-alcoholic drink

 This falls under western cuisine but be rest assured that all the ingredients used meet Halal standards. Often, the drinks are served together with the main course and are intended to help in digestion as well as nourish and hydrate the body.

5. Halal Italian pizza

No one hates pizza especially when it’s professionally cooked and adorned with salivating spices. In addition to this pizza, there are other many flavors of Halal pizzas served by Singapore caterers.

Halal catering

In Singapore there are myriad Halal catering companies all promising to deliver the best. However, if you are interested in breath taking services, first you have to work with professionals bearing experience in different type of catering services like, buffet catering services, corporate catering services and such. Companies offering these services not only are they experienced, but are also knowledgeable and can help you make better judgements when estimating the quantity and type of food to be served. For outdoor events, it is imperative that you seek catering companies who have done that before. For instance, when having, say a pre wedding ceremony, choosing catering companies that already has had the privilege to work on the similar event will save you from embarrassment and make your party the talk of the town.

For Indian Muslims, or if you are having an event and be lucky to invite a few, they will be honoured if you hire a catering company specialized in food such as Indian curry and rice, naan and chicken curry, samosas with mint sauce, chutney and papadum, pakora with yogurt to mention but a few. In addition, be glad to know that with request, many catering companies clothe their waiters in exquisite traditional clothes and also alter the decor to match the intended theme. All these are provided at a pocket friendly fee.

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