5 Popular Halal Catering Food in Singapore

 Halal food is a favorite for many people in Singapore. The dish is always enjoyable only when cooked by an experienced catering staff. Since there are many Halal dishes that can be prepared, some dishes are only consumed in one country and rejected in another. There are several restaurants such as Singapore catering that offers a variety of these dishes for Singapore citizens. However, there are some hawkers who sell these foods around the city. Below is a description of some of the common Halal catering food served in Singapore.

5 Popular Halal Catering Food


Malay foods are common in both Singapore and Malaysia. Dishes under this category include mee soto, mee rebus, nasi padang, mee siam, gado gado, roti john and nasi goreng among others. These dishes have different origins. Some are from Indonesia while others are Indian-Muslim, Thai or Pakistan. These dishes are commonly referred to as Malay since they are commonly sold by Malaysian hawkers.

Ngor Hiang

It is a meat sausage that has a thin and translucent beancurd skin. It contains a blend of five spice powders best for cooking and seasoning. The spice components in the food include cassia bark, cumin seeds, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise, pepper, blue ginger and coriander among others. Stalls selling these foods also have a variety of fried and prawn fritters, beancurd, fish-cakes and cut-up rolls.

Hokkien mee

They are made from any style of fried noodles. The ingredients utilized include prawns, bacon, cuttlefish or squid. Pieces of deep-fried pieces of pork are sometimes added to this food to add an exciting flavor. It should be served with lime and chilli paste for an exciting experience.

Char kway teow

It is also referred to as fried kway teow, cha kuay teow or chao kua tiao. The preparation of this dish involves wok-frying flat rice noodles and yellow round noodles in a soya sauce. You can add egg-mix, bean sprouts and diced garlic. Some recipes also consider adding fish cake into the mixture.

Fried oyster omelette

It can be cooked in two different methods. The first involves preparing the food by frying oysters in an egg omelette. The second method involves mixing the oysters in floor paste. Halal catering foods made from the latter option are always expensive as compared to the first method. It can be served with a watery chilli sauce.

There are many Halal foods served in restaurants and hotels in Singapore. Singapore catering is one of the places you can experience this variety. They have a team of catering staff who are highly experienced in handling different halal menus. They are always ready to prepare food for you regardless of the type of special event you are hosting.

They prepare their foods on a daily basis and you can be sure that you are being served fresh food. You can choose whether you need to be served a hot or cold meal since they are all available. Singapore Halal catering foods made by professionals have a huge impact in spicing up your special event. Make your decision today and enjoy quality Halal foods with a great value for your money.
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