6 Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Vegetarian Caterer

Your caterer is among the most important persons at your event. Since he/she is responsible for feeding, watering and making sure your guests are satisfied, they have a huge challenge ahead of them for the event they are ordered to serve. With that in mind, you need to exercise some caution while ordering the services of a caterer so as to make it simpler for them to give their best at your event. Regardless of the magnitude of your event or the number of guests you are anticipating, the following are 6 mistakes to avoid when ordering vegetarian caterer.


1. Failing to notify your caterer of your dietary requirements.

The best time to let your caterer know about any dietary requirements is as soon as possible. Informing him or her early enough that you are looking for a vegetarian caterer enables them to work gracefully around it. It goes a long way in helping your caterer come up with a menu that reflects nicely on you and your guests’ personal style. Caterers already know that it is their responsibility to please both the hosts and the guests. Your caterer will even give ideas on how to best go about arranging your ultimate vegetarian diet. Inform your caterer about dietary needs of your guest in advance, and he or she will do the rest to make your event a success.

2. Straying from the budget

After informing your caterer about the type of diet you need for your event, ask him or her if they will be able to work within your budgetary allocations. Note that a budget is simply a tool that will take away stress and simplify things. So sticking to your budget implies scouting for a caterer who will deliver quality services within the budget. Do not compromise quality due to the short deadline or because you are on a tight budget. If the caterer you are about to engage shows any sign that they will be struggling while working with your budget, double check your figures. The last thing you want is to have unpleasant surprises on the day of your event or when the bill finally arrives. Consequently, you should ask your caterer about additional charges, and factor them in as well.


3. Getting carried away

While browsing menu options, it is possible to get excited thinking about all the yummy food guests will enjoy at your event. Avoid the getting carried away and opt for a meal with the minimum options possible. The more the variety you provide your guests with, the higher the amount you will pay and the more the waste. Offering your guests too many food options is also troublesome in that your event will appear somewhat too informal. Guests will also have a hard time choosing the foods they will eat. To avoid all these inconveniences, provide your vegetarian guests with few options. While browsing menu options with your caterer, make it brief. Notify your caterer about your concerns and spend the least time possible on the list.

4. Failing to conduct the tasting as close to the event as possible

The tasting provides the best avenue for you to gauge the ability of your caterer to create the menu that will meet your requirements. Since some caterers charge for the tasting while others do not find out the costs in advance and, if possible, opt for a caterer who will not charge you for tasting so as to cut down on expenses. Conduct a full-scale tasting making sure your caterer does not cut corners. Additionally, schedule the tasting to take place as close as possible to the season the event will be held. If that is not feasible, let your caterer do the essential elements of the dish close to the day of the event. Knowing your caterer will cook your spinach to perfection on the day of the event is crucial.

5. Trying to satisfy every guest

Almost everyone has some form of food intolerance nowadays. While considering your guest's dietary restrictions is polite, it is not possible to accommodate every person’s dietary requirements that exist, so just draw a line a line somewhere. Considering you are offering a vegetarian diet, you do not have to provide special meals. Just have a few varieties for adults. If there are children with severe allergies, their parents have sufficient experience dealing with the same and will bring along something for them to eat.


6. Failing to communicate effectively

For your event to be a success, timing is paramount. Making catering decisions in advance of the events and putting in place every requirement calls for constant communication with your caterer. As you organize other aspects of your events, some things are bound to change. So, open the communication channels with your caterer so that you can easily relay such developments without any problem. Communication protects both you and your caterer. Be clear on the arrival time of your guests to enable your caterer set their arrival time accordingly. Also ask your guests for any special requests and communicate the same to your caterer in time.

Tips on how to avoid dietary surprises in your event

• Serve your guests on time.
• Regardless of how well-prepared you are; always double check everything.
• Find out the preferences of your guests and share the info with your caterer.
• Have a back-up plan. Even if your events go as planned all the time, always be ready for the unexpected, for instance, power outages, and storms affecting your outdoor events.


Caterers have done different types of diets, including vegetarian diets, several times before, and as such have great ideas to make your event leave a lasting impression on your guests. Seasoned caterers know how to make the diet reflect your style and tastes, while at the same time ensuring it is extensively acceptable. So, be open to them, look for one with the necessary qualification and experience. The above 6 mistakes to avoid when ordering vegetarian caterer will go a long way in helping you avoid possible pitfalls and make your event a memorable one.

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