7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Indian Catering Food

With all the choices that are available when you are considering Indian catering, it can be difficult to know how to pick the right catering. If you are celebrating an Indian wedding, huge parties will be thrown and there will be many relatives at the occasion. This means that you need to be careful when selecting a caterer. The following are seven mistakes to avoid when selecting Indian catering food.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Indian Food Catering

1. Choosing the wrong caterer

You are not just looking for any caterer because you need someone who can prepare traditional Indian cuisine. This means that the person should have the necessary experience to prepare the food in the right way. The person should also have a good reputation for making the best Indian food. Preferably, the person should have first-hand experience in preparing the food.

. Choose an experienced caterer

. The caterer must know traditional Indian cuisine

. The reputation of the caterer matters

2. Choosing the wrong foods

Indian catering is known to be among the healthiest dishes that you can eat. The dishes are mostly prepared using vegetarian ingredients. This means that the caterer should offer vegetarian dishes. In addition, the ingredients used should be fresh and gluten free. If meat is used, it should be Halal certified.

. Fresh ingredients should be used

. Vegetarian meals are needed

. Halal certified meat is better

3. Having less variety

Indian cuisine is one of the most versatile in the world and there are hundreds of dishes that are you can find. The caterer should be in a position to offer a blend of traditional, regional and specialty dishes. A special occasion requires a caterer who can be able to offer signature dishes that can make the entire occasion stand out.

. Hundreds of dishes are available

. Traditional and regional foods are available

. Signature dishes are excellent

4. Overshooting your budget

You don’t have to pay too much money in order to get the best caterer. You can still find the best service provider within your budget. You must have a clear idea of how much the catering is going to cost you. You also need to set aside some money for various functions and rituals. You can do some research and find a good caterer who offers great service at an affordable price. Your family and friends can also help you find an affordable caterer.

. Quality service is available at affordable price

. Set money aside for functions and rituals

. Word of mouth can help to find a good caterer

5. Not getting value for your money

Value for money is another thing that you should be looking for in a caterer. Value for money does not mean large portions for every meal because quality should also be considered. You want to eat authentic dishes that have been carefully prepared, with great attention to details. Natural and local Singaporean ingredients should be used in preparing the dishes.

. Authentic dishes should be served

. Attention to detail is important

. Natural ingredients are the best

6. Not having decorations

If you are hosting a party or celebrating a wedding, the caterer should be capable of taking care of the decorations according to the occasion. Colored and decorative fabric should be used to improve the party flavor. The right presentation of a good meal is a very important element of a feast and so the caterer should get the decorations right.

. Caterer should handle the decoration

. Decorative fabric is important

. Presentation is an important element in a feast

7. Choosing the wrong venue

If you are eating out, you need to consider the venue. This will encompass the location, capacity and ambience. If you are hosting a large gathering, the venue should be able to accommodate them all. The location should be accessible while the ambience should create a bright, colorful atmosphere. Friendly and welcoming people will add to a great atmosphere.

. Location is a priority

. Venue should have capacity

. Celebratory ambience plays a big role

. Accessible location is important


If you can follow the above tips, you can find good Indian catering that will be a feast for your taste buds. The service should be of high quality and the food should be served with a smile. Remember that if there is something specific that you need, you should tell your caterer so that you get exactly what you have paid for. Take your time to select the right professional Indian Catering service that will ensure yourself and your guests will be fully satisfied.

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