7 Popular Chinese Catering Food In Singapore

Celebration without food has never been completed around the globe and if there is food counter filled with Chinese food it would be mouth-watering catering. As the Singapore is known for the high standard luxury and cuisine, the food has wide range of flavors and dishes that have fascinating smells with delicious tastes.


A celebration needs different kinds of arrangements like sufficient space to gather guests, enough tents and decorates to specify the arrangements, appropriate lighting to flash and so important the menu of food. It is not to say loudly that why the food needs special attention in every event because we all believe that a good cuisine assures you that your event or celebration or gathering has been succeeded.

Caterers have to be professional with all the arrangements regarding the food and the serving manners, if it goes well, then the event finishes with the congratulations and appreciations for both host and caterer as well.

Let's have a brief discussion about the catering services and the best Chinese food in Singapore that can create an impressive influence up on the guests regarding the host. We will start with some delicious food index of Chinese food in Singapore. There are few of the lovable Chinese dishes likely used by caterers in Singapore.

Chili Crab

Name is enough of Chili Crab to taste water in your mouth and the ultimate combination of vegetable like tomato sauce that has mixed with chili flavored as well. This is a very attractive food for the lovers of Crab dishes, who tasted this before and never miss a chance to have it again.

Catering Food

Chicken Rice

This delicious rice dish is rooted with Hainan so,, it is also called Hainanese Chicken Rice. It is one of the favorite catering foods in Singapore because it is prepared with regular ingredients like chicken; ginger and onion all are cooked in sesame oil. It is a light and tasty food to enjoy the event longer. It can be seen in many restaurants as well. That is the reason that Chicken Rice is loved by caterers to keep this dish in the main course.


It is a light food made by drained noodles, chicken and fish including milk. It is a healthy come loving dish to seize more plats of guests around its stall. Taste of this dish explains all the silent theory of popular Chinese food and that is the reason to keep it in the main menu when a catering planning in the formation stage.

Fried Hokkein Mee

Hokkein Mee has two types and both have separated lovers as well. Hokkien hae Mee is known for Prawn Noodles can find easily in almost every Chinese food court or menu in Singapore and Hokkien char mee is known for Hokkien fried Noodles can taste in Malaysian cities or restaurant along with, in the Singapore catering Chinese food menu. Both are made by following same method of recipes by using almost the same ingredients like prawns, squid, bean sprouts, eggs, garlic, Kucai and flavored with soya sauce, Hoi Sin Sauce and chicken oil. I think it is quite enough to make a mood take a bite.

Fish Ball Noodles

One more dish is for the loves of fish taste this fish ball noodles have a tasty combination of garlic, ginger, concentrated chicken stock, cabbage, fish balls and mai fun. This Fish ball noodles, is also known one of the most-loved food made with fish. The fish balls are in the main identity of this particular Chinese food. If you are viewing randomly to check food counter of your favorite food, you will definitely stop to have a Fish ball noodles.

Chinese Catering Food

Grilled stingray/Seafood

To the lovers of seafood there is popular dish can get your attention easily that is made with a stingray cooked on the banana leaf in a very traditional method and you can find easily the Chinese traditional taste in this so palatable dish. With cleaned stingray there are some vegetable like lemon, banana leaf, toothpicks and onion used in the preparation of this tasty food. It is a dish that can attract you even by a picture of it. This is well decorated with onion rounded slices and lemon, it looks special with banana leaf that is presented with all the food as a part of this dish.

Carrot Cake

It can be used as a starter or as a full meal if you don't have enough time to cook your dinner, but it doesn't need to think when you are in an event where the catering is arranged with Carrot Cake. This will take only few minutes to prepare so, one of a team of cooks will present you this tasty carrot cake within a short time even lesser of completing your remaining other food in your plate (if it is not filled with crab food). It sounds like a vegetarian food, but due to the eggs and fish sauce it is not easy to admire it as a veg dish.

Chee Cheong Fun

Chee cheong fun is a light and healthy food among all the Chinese food and can be eaten as pure vegetarian dish. This has only vegetables as ingredients like seasame seeds and shallots that make a very dainty dish to serve the guests who want to have something light and healthier without extra spices this Chee Cheong Fun can be their favorite for the party night or any time during the event.

After, making a colorful and tasteful menu by adding these above Chinese food from catering there are few more nice dishes can be added like Chinese Rojak Bak, Chor Mee, Teochew Porridge, Fish Head, Noodles Soup, Ice KacangDuck Rice, PopiahPrawn Soup,Young Tau Foo, Steamboat,Vegetrarian Bee Hoon etc.

It is required to serve in manners so, to select a professional and experienced catering service provider in Singapore, it would be easier to deal with to explain exactly what you want to serve to your guests. I am sure this tasteful index will be definitely appreciated by the guests after the palatable evening they all have enjoyed.

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