7 Popular Halal Catering Food in Singapore

Singapore has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for people from all walks of life. In Singapore, there are many hotels that offer delicious foods for all cultures around the globe. Recently, Halal food catering has become popular in Singapore. There are number of Halal caterers that offer finest Halal foods in the country. If you are looking for a best treat in Singapore, then you should consider the following Halal food catering places;


Pasta mania Singapore

Pasta mania is an international restaurant that provides best Halal catering services in the world. With over 30 outlets, pasta mania is one of the largest food caterers in Singapore. This Italian restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine offer Halal catering services in the country. With their wide range of Halal catering services you will find mouth-watering Halal Italian food that include spicy chicken pasts, aglio olio, mediterenean pasta, sesame squid rolls, Basil chicken, Hawaiian pizza, chicken aglio, Margherita, Garlic Dory Dish and many more.

Moreover, they serve desserts like Honey Jello, Sea coconut and assorted pastry. You will get drinks such as Lemon grass, Mango and fruit cordial in pasta mania.


Also known as French café in Asia, Delifrance has the best menu that spice up the gathering and events. Whether you have wedding, company event or hosting a birthday, Delifrance will fill your stomach with its wide array of French Halal cuisines. With Delifrance, you will get best Halal dishes such as Macaroons, French butter croissants, butter madeleines, cauliflower Morney, Mini fruit tartlets and many more. With Halal caterers in Singapore, Delifrance give their customers the best offers.

Stamford Halal catering Singapore

Stamford has hosted several prestigious events such as 2011 ICE marathon and youth Olympic Games. With over 15 years in service, Stamford is one of the best Halal caterers is Singapore. The remarkable reputation and credentials has made Stamford one of the most preferred Halal catering Place in Singapore. Stamford offers a wide selection of Halal foods to its customers. You will find a number of cuisines that your taste and any occasion.

Continental delight catering services

This was rated as the first certified non-muslim Halal caterer by Mailis Ugama Islam singapura. The continental Delight catering services has received numerous recognitions and awards such as excellence in hygiene and food cleanliness. As a prestigious catering service in Singapore, it offers wide array of sumptuous and creative menus that include international, Chinese, western, and Muslim cuisines. In this restaurant, you are assured of getting all kinds of Halal foods.

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Hei sushi

Hei sushi was established in 2008 to offer Halal Japanese dishes. This is the best place for Muslims who love to taste healthy Japanese food. Being the first sushi Halal restaurant in Singapore, this restaurant allow you to enjoy wide array of delicious and appetizing Japanese foods such as salmon ju, Tori karaage, Chicken moreover, the catering service of Hei sushi is very affordable with reasonable price. For Halal catering in Singapore, Hei sushi is the best place if you want to have a taste of Japanese food.

Eatzi Gourmet Catering

Eatzi Gourmet, formerly known as Jack’s place, is premiere caterer in Singapore and has been certified for Halal catering since 2006. Eatzi Gourmet catering offer wide selection of Halal packages to suit the needs and budget of the customers. Moreover, the restaurant has competence and experience which ensures that every facet of the customer’s event is well catered for. Whether you have a company event or celebrating anniversary party, Eatzi Gourmet offers a variety of menus that will fit your event. For instance, the restaurant has package designed specifically for people hosting a seminar. In this case, Eatzi Gourmet will provide delicious Halal food that will suit your seminar. On the other hand, Eatzi Gourmet also provides special packages for Halal Western dishes.

Rasel catering Singapore

Rasel is a truly favorite restaurant among foodies in Singapore. It is popular for its excellent catering service and delicious Halal dishes. Rasel catering has delightful foods that are memorable. This caterer also ads an artistic touch to all dishes they serve. Rasel serves a wide range of fine Halal food that include oven-baked béchamel, Moroccan beef stew, chicken risotto pie, pesto pasta, Turkish almond, southern butter milk, mix beans rice pilaf and many more.

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Mum’s kitchen catering

This catering facility has been in operation since 1996and has the reputation of being the best Halal caterer. Moreover, this restaurant is known for its high quality food. Mum’s kitchen catering provides dishes that are tailored to meet the taste and preferences of the clients. Mum’s kitchen catering provides food that fit any event you have. Regardless of the event you are hosting, Mum’s kitchen catering can give you the best food for your needs. This caterer has wide selection of menus that are designed to fit your preferences. You can get cuisines such as Ngoh Hian, Nonya Kueh pietee and many more. This is one of the best caterers when you can get delicious Halal dishes.

Makmur restaurant

Makmur restaurant opened its doors in the mid 1980s and have wide selection of international and local cuisines. The main aim was to serve luscious dishes to Muslims in Singapore. However, the restaurant has menu that is designed to suit the needs of each culture. Makmur has become one of the best Halal caterers in the country. In makmur restaurant, you will get a wide array of Halal cuisines such as Mee siam, Soto Ayam, sphaghetti Bolognaise, Fried Laska, Sea food pasta. The prices of Halal food in makmur are affordable and you don’t have to spend your fortune to enjoy finest Halal dishes in the restaurant.

Nonya manis

For over 10 years, Nonya Manis has been providing delicious food to its clients. Nonya manis is an Halal caterter that caters for all kinds of celebrations and events including tea receptions, school seminars, anniversaries, wedding, weddings, packet meals and many more. This caterer specializes in Halal Chinese as well as Nonya cuisines.


Singapore has the best caterers that offer Halal foods. Most of these caterers cater for all kinds of customers regardless of the nationality and the race.

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