Advantages Of Hiring Food Catering Services

Whether you want to hold a small office meeting or a large regional event, good food can really make a good impression on your guests. Likewise, a good lunch time food leaves your employees refreshed and ready to confidently face the afternoon ahead. However, it can be a daunting task determining whether there will be enough food or it will be too much and how you will also cater for dietary requirements. With all these worries, it is easy to see the reason why people chose catering over taking care of it themselves. However, just like everything else, hiring a catering company has its pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of office catering.

Catering Services

Advantages of hiring a catering service

1. Appreciation –
Putting on some effort to hire a catering company makes your staff feel more appreciated and end up much happier in their work.

2. Time Saving –
Hiring a catering company relieves you of the stress of arranging and preparing the catering all by yourself. All you have to do is provide them with the menu and type of food that you want and they will take care of everything else.

3. Professional Services –
In addition to providing the food, some catering companies also provide their clients with a professional waiting service. This leaves a good impression on your guests.

4. Food Hygiene and Safety –
By hiring a reputable and professional catering company, you can be sure that all aspects of food hygiene and safety will be upheld to the highest standards whether the food is prepared on or off site.

5. Variety –
Hiring professional caterers makes you have access to a variety of cooking styles and menus depending on the occasion.

Disadvantages of hiring a catering service

1. Risky –
When hiring a caterer that you have never tried before, you have to wait until the actual day to find out if you made the right choice or not.

Although hiring a catering company may have some cons, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Not only will a good catering company add to the enjoyment and comfort of your employees or attendees, but it will also help improve their overall experience. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the tips on how to choose the right office catering company.

Catering Services

How to choose an office catering company

Determine your budget

One of the main things to consider when choosing a caterer company is how much they charge for their service. Although most caterers are not expensive, you may spend a little more in order to get a company that can adapt easily and quickly to any of your requests. Therefore, it is important to stay clear on what you budget is and what you want. Before signing a quote, be sure to study it carefully and ensure that it includes everything you have agreed on.

Do Your Preparation

Before you set out to look for a caterer, it’s important to deal with all the finer details of your office event preparation. You should be in a position to list all the office event information valuable to your caterer. These include the date, time, place, and attendees’ number. Likewise, you should also create a list of some few concerns that you may want to be responded to by your caterer like the deadline for menu selections and deadline for number of guests.

Choose a versatile company

Whether you are looking for a catering company just for an office event, it is advisable to choose one that has diversified and offers even lunch deliveries. The good thing about hiring this type of caterer is the ability to combine both low-end and high-end for your office event using the same caterer. What this means is that they can provide you with breakfast and lunch all from their normal daily office lunch menu which will obviously be very affordable.

As for a sample of the food

Before you opt for the services of a catering company, ask them for a small food sample. Doing his is important since it helps you to know how their food looks like and tastes beforehand

Know how much to order

Often, the budget dictates how much food you will order. However, another best way to figure out how much food you should order is by looking at the number of men and women that will be attending. Men normally eat more than women; therefore, if your event has more men than women you might consider ordering some extra portions. It is always advisable to overestimate your head count in order to account for any last minute attendees. If the attendance number gets to increase on the function day, many venues reserve the right to substitute menu items to accommodate for the extra guests.

Catering Services

Buffet-style set-up is good for a small budget
If you are a small business with limited funds, this is the most cost effective type of catering. This is because it is the best way possible to enhance customization which in turn leads to a higher ability to satisfy attendees with a variety of allergies, palates, and preferences. When you have all options spread out, your employees or attendees can mix, match, and be able to craft their own distinctive meals. In addition, it also allows the food to maintain it’s delivery temperature until the time for eating.

Determine the drinks

If you will be serving alcohol at your office event, the rule of thumb is to allow one beverage per person per hour. A cost effective way to serve non-alcoholic drinks it is by utilizing water pitchers or jugs and make them easily accessible for self-service. If it’s a casual office event, individual bottles of water will work well.


Great food can really set the bar high for any company. Whether it’s a onetime corporate event or catering for employees lunch on a daily basis, it can be quite tricky doing it without professional help. Taking a well organized approach of hiring a catering service and fostering a good relationship with them can simplify your business life and leave you to deal with other more important things.

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