Catering Delivery - What You Need To Do

The study shows that many adults prefer eating take-out food as their way of life. In this case, catering delivery has become popular among restaurants and food caterers. In Singapore, the delivery service has become a booming business with lots of opportunities. However, catering delivery can become very challenging especially if you don’t have the right skills for the business. The following are concepts that you should consider for maximizing the food delivery to your clients.


Implement a suitable ordering method

There is a broad range of options used by customers to order the catering services. In this case, you will evaluate the following options to determine the best method for your clients.


the study shows that about 10% of the restaurant orders are made by phone. Although the percentage is small, this is still one of the most convenient methods of placing delivery orders.

Online ordering:

about 13% of the adults make online orders catering delivery. This method is convenient for people placing large orders. The point of sale (POS) system can handle online orders with ease.

Text messaging:

most restaurants have adopted text messages orders placed from cell phones. This is the most convenient method for teenage and young adults. The advancement of text messaging ordering technology provides speed and convenience for hungry customers.

Catering Food

Be accurate

Accuracy is essential for delivery orders as it boosts customer satisfaction. The following are ways you should consider ensuring accuracy in your catering delivery services. Get it right in the first time: for take-out delivery services it is very crucial to delivering exact food the customer had asked for. If you don’t get it right, there are high chances that your customers can get disappointed with your services. Get the accurate order-entry system: ensure that you have an accurate point of sale software that will enable the staff to complete their tasks correctly and efficiently. Ensure accuracy during preparation: there are quality control checks you should consider before the food reaches the customers’ hand. The customer expects the food to be the same as that placed in the order. If the client had asked for hot food, make sure it hot else the customer can get disappointed.

Food safety is vital

Food quality and safety is a primary concern during packaging and transport when it comes to delivery. When packaging food for delivery, ensure that the containers will withstand the transport without breaking or leaking. Moreover, ensure that hot foods are packed away from cold ones. The use-by-date is a very crucial element that should not miss in your food packaging.

Prepare the delivery Menu

Considering the particular take-out menu for your customers is vital. Some regular foods are not easy to transport especially if the containers are not air-tight or do not stay upright. Explore what kinds of foods your kitchen staff is capable of producing and the items appropriate for delivery. Moreover, you should consider paper take-out menus to for your guests. You should place menus for delivery in your restaurant website. In this case, the customers will choose food of their choice.

Schedule workers appropriately

When developing a delivery system, you may need to hire extra employees to make work easier. This is ideal if your delivery sales represent a larger portion of your revenue. In this case, you should hire and train workers to perform the following tasks.
• Answer the incoming calls
• Collect payments
• check the orders to ensure they are accurate and complete

Catering Delivery

Insure your business

For catering delivery acquiring insurance is very critical for the success of your business. In this case, automobile insurance becomes essential to avoid facing the risk the lawsuit if one of your drivers causes an accident. Insurance protects both the public and your workers thus giving you the peace of mind.

Consider outsourcing your delivery services

Outsourcing an outside delivery service is very crucial to the success of your catering business. Here are the main reasons why you should consider outsourcing delivery;
• Services are cost-effective because there is no additional payroll. The staff you have can do in-house labor rather than delivery work
• Delivery services usually cover greater area hence making it more convenient for the customers.
• You do not require purchasing of any delivery vehicles and equipment since the delivery services will do the job for you. In this case, you will require minimal capital to start the catering delivery services.
• The delivery service will manage the phone line for you saving you on labor and phone payments.
Things to consider before starting catering delivery services

When deliberating on starting up delivery services, ensure that you consider the following;

• Determine whether you will fix the minimum order charge for deliveries. Most of the restaurants place the minimum charge for delivery.
• Decide whether you will offer free delivery services. Usually, most of the restaurants offer free delivery services to attract customers. However, you should make a careful evaluation whether you will afford the free delivery or not.
• Provide enough training for delivery drivers. You should know that drivers play a crucial role in the success of your business. They are more than the hired drivers. They should be honest and good ambassadors of your restaurant. Drivers are essential in ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction by delivering the food in time.
• Develop a good marketing strategy for your delivery services. Marketing your business in surrounding areas will benefit since you might can an opportunity to deliver for business luncheons and banquet events. You will reap more from your delivery business if you know how to promote them.
• Incorporate technology in your delivery services. Most restaurants have moved beyond simple telephone orders. You can embrace the latest technology to ensure that you remain competitive in the business. Integrating technology in your business provides greater speed and convenience for your customers.


Food delivery services can be very lucrative if you employ the right skills for the business. Ensuring customer satisfaction is a great milestone for your business. Moreover, food quality and safety is the most vital element in food delivery services as unsafe food can be very disastrous for your business.

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