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Catering is the business of providing food service to a designated group of people. This service is offered by a catering firm at a time and location that has been specified by the client.

There are four primary categories of catering services: special event; business; mobile; and industrial. Special event caterers provide on-site dining services. The events that they cater vary in scale and nature, ranging from birthday parties and wedding receptions to class reunions and private functions. Business caterers, however, specialise in corporate-oriented functions such as business meetings and luncheons. Mobile catering, as the name implies, requires specially-designed vehicles—typically trucks or vans—to deliver fuss-free food to attendees of outdoor events. Industrial caterers, lastly, are in the business of providing high volume food services to academic institutions, airlines, hospitals and other large organisations.

An umpteenth number of catering companies exist in the entrepreneurial landscape today; some are professional, full-time businesses while others operate on a freelance basis. The question is: how do they differ from one another?

Putting into consideration that a relatively large amount of capital is required before venturing into a full-time catering business (or any business for that matter), professional caterers are typically better equipped to meet the demands of their clients. From the get-go, they have the financial resources to employ fully-trained workers, purchase all the necessary equipment and even market their services effectively. Ultimately, as they are not as restricted by monetary and manpower limitations as freelance caterers are, they can afford to take on projects that are substantially bigger in scale.

Since providing food service is something that professional caterers do for a living, they have to ensure that all operations smoothly; their reputation and longevity in the industry depends on their efficiency. Thus, a high level of trust is needed to maintain the business relationships that they have forged with their clients. This earned trust is crucial, especially in situations where clients are contemplating as to whether they should continue engaging the catering services in the future.

While freelancers may only be in the catering business for extra income, it does not imply that their work quality and ethics are not up to scratch. They could, in fact, be financially-wiser alternatives to their professional counterparts.

Most of the time, people who opt for professional caterers are paying more for branding and prestige. Freelance caterers, on the other hand, offer quotations that are based more on service. Furthermore, as they are not as established and have as strong a clientele base, they are more inclined to take in all suggestions by their clients.

Their flexibility and openness to ideas make them more memorable and appealing, increasing their chances of being hired in the future.

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