Top 10 Common Catering Myths That You Should Ignore

When it comes to planning for your event, one of the key decisions that you will have to make is how to choose a catering service. A good catering service can change your event into something spectacular. However, the opposite is also true. A poorly catered event can only end in disappointments. It’s true that most people have little or no experience in hiring a catering service. This lack of experience is usually worsened by so many misconceptions and myths. These misconceptions can make the process of looking for a catering service a real nightmare. Here are the 10 most common misconceptions and catering myths that you should avoid.

Common Catering Myths

· Buffet or family style meals are the most affordable

For a paired or a preselected plate, the caterer knows the exact portion and how many of such they will need. For family style or buffet style dinner the caterer should prepare a greater quantity. This means, the cost and the number of staff will definitely go up. This is because you don’t know how many times some people will go for the second helping. It’s, therefore, not true that the buffet or family style is the most affordable.

· Off-season events are cheaper

While sometimes it can be cheaper to hire a venue during off-season, this does not apply to hiring catering services. Whether your event is in the summer or winter, your caterers will still have some expenses to take care of hence they will charge for the services. The cost of clothes, linens and food is not usually affected by a change of seasons. Irrespective of when you schedule your occasion, you will still have to use the same kinds of materials to provide the best service. While you might be given some discounts by photographers and entertainers, you do not expect the same when it comes to booking your catering services.

· Catered food is cooked days in advance

This is not true. Since the food must be fresh, in most catering events there is usually a field kitchen created to be used solely to prepare foods for the events. In most instances, chefs travel to the event and prepare the food where the event is taking place. This means the food is taken straight from the kitchen to the table.

Common Catering Myths

· 90% of the catering costs should be food

When you hire a catering service, the first thing that usually goes to your mind is that you will enjoy sumptuous meal. However, the costs of catering covers much more than the food eaten. Apart from bringing a mobile kitchen to be used during the event, there are equipment costs that must be considered. There are also the line cooks, waiters and other staff members to be paid. Other professional caterers also add a service charge to the amount of money that they charge you. If you think that you will only be paying for food then you are in for a rude shock.

· Restaurants food translates to catering

In any restaurant, a chef is always preparing food at the back and takes care of each individual’s order. When it comes to event catering, food is being prepared for over 100 guests at the same time. This means apart from the preparation, they will be dealing with issues to do with food safety, temperature, transportation, organizing the service and much more.

· A sit down meal is quite expensive

Many people assume that a sit down dinner is cheap. However, as compared to sit down meal a buffet requires more staff, more food and much more equipment for it to be successful. This is because your guest will be serving their meals at will and also head back to serve wine when their glasses become empty. With sit down meals, you will have more control in the amount of food that you serve the visitors. Caterers are actually mobile restaurants.

· You only need minimal staff in your event

While you may think that your event is small, this might not be the case. For an event to be successful you need administration support, planners, loaders, drivers, designers, chefs, runners and servers. It, therefore, takes a great team to ensure that your event succeeds.

Common Catering Myths

· Catering costs should be the same as the cost of restaurant

When you dine at your normal restaurant everything is for the service is usually in place. The menu options you are given are supposed to be as affordable and the tableware and linen are also the same throughout. The management has also scheduled the staff to take care of all your needs. However, when you hire catering service they will have to bring the highest quality service and also customize their services according to your needs so that you do not have any complaints. This means they will have to bring special linens and tableware to match your theme and give you unique menu that your guest can enjoy. This can greatly make the cost shoot up.

· A random tasting menu is must

The entire event should be about you and what you want to be included in the catering service. Tasting many types of foods can be a waste of time and food hence it’s always a big no for most catering companies. A good tasting should be designed in such a way that you are just allowed to experience the first flavour so that you may know what the company will offer. You only need to meet with the service providers and share with them what you expect and then schedule time to come back to try those.

· You should pad your guest count

Figuring out the number of people who will attend your function is something quite hard. You may have the invitations but some guests might not be able to make it to the function. This means knowing how many guests will be attending can be a great challenge. Most professional caterers knows their businesses hence once you give them an approximation, they will make the necessary arrangements for any unexpected guests who might come.


Hiring a catering service is one of the most complicated businesses hence it’s very important to book an experienced company. When you are looking for an event catering service, ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. If you can ignore some of these misconceptions, you will soon get a caterer that will deliver the best culinary experience that your event demands.

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