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There are many reasons why clients should choose us as their preferred Christmas and Chinese New Year caterer. All our foods are freshly prepared and we serve them hot and cold as clients may specify. In our catering experience we have been called in for many events and this is what makes us to be highly competitive. For instance we can easily adjust to the cope with the flexible timelines which clients may offer so as to streamline our catering experience for the best. In addition we also offer lots of convenience in that the cutleries we use are highly disposable and this in the long run would save clients with many hassles which are usually associated with moving used catering cutleries. 



From the time we have worked delivering our catering services to different places, we have come to have knowledge as to what clients are really in for. This has enabled us to deliver total client satisfaction for every event in which we have been involved. Everything we engage in during our catering services are time driven and this ensures that everything goes on as planned as per the clients’ specifications. In order to save time our clients won’t be required to prepare for our arrival as we do take everything in our hands. All the cleaning before and after any event which we have been called for are handled by our professionals and everything is done so as to give décor and purpose to tat event we are covering. 

As a catering firm, what we love is parties and it is our wish that we get to called in at any event which food is a requirement. We have held this notion deeply in our hearts as we believe that we are the best professionals when it comes to preparing some really good food which the visitors will really welcome deep in their souls. Our plateful cuisines are truly delicious, exhilarating and made by the best catering firm which is regularly known for its finger licking and tasty food. Clients can opt to hire other catering companies out there which are there in large numbers. However, quality is that one aspect which will truly be difficult to find by in those other catering companies.

Many events are usually diverse and each would require a totally different approach with regard to how food is to be made and served. The best catering firm in the field is actually the one that is comprehensively prepared to handle services which are in demand at these events. As a catering company we can handle weddings, birthday parties, barbeque, buffet as well as corporate events. To affirm our position as the leading catering service provider within the country, we have been called in multiple occasions to deliver our services to the many clients who are impressed with how we make our service delivery. This off course has been made possible thanks to the diverse skills which we do employ in our catering team.

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Quality service provision is what every client is usually after. Any good catering service at all times will always be geared towards providing clients with some healthy, fresh and well prepared food. Our chefs are well trained and in addition we in possession of all the necessary equipment necessary in ensuring that the food that will be delivered to the event visitors will be of high quality. Our chefs will always go through great lengths and present food exactly the way which clients would want them. Everything from packaging to the way the meal will be delivered is done in a truly professional and state of the art workmanship. The clients’ guests can also have a wide meal option to choose from as our food is prepared taking into consideration all those in attendance. 

The price that we charge for catering services is highly flexible. What this actually holds is that clients get to pay for only what they want. This kind of professionalism has helped us a lot in that we give complete freedom over what clients would love to include in their choice of food. For instance it is possible to specify the cuisine type which may be needed for a given event and further make a decision whether it should be an all vegetarian, an all carnivore event or just a mix of both. This ensures that everybody gets to be taken care of well as food preferences do vary among different individuals and as catering firm we got all that covered. 

How do we ensure that any of the events we have been called in for goes smoothly as planned? First, we do carry out prior planning before engaging in any of service provisions. First we do get a rough estimate of the expected number of visitors we are expected to handle. From the figure provided we then get spot on in our space preparations and ensure that the event venue will be easily accessible to any visitor who will be arriving for the given occasion. The number is also important so that we get to order only the right food amount that will leave all those in attendance to be really satisfied.

All our functions have always been massive success and this we can attribute to the due care which we carry out any of our prior planning to the catering events we are always in for. All our chefs are high experienced professionals and are fully certified to be in line with their service provisions. We are environmentally compliant firm which at all times do abides with the food safety and regulations as forwarded by the National Environment Agency. We are at all times fully dedicated in ensuring that any catering event we are involved becomes a success and our positive mark can be seen on many vents which have been involved in in the past. To ensure that your Christmas, Chinese New Year or any that other event; as a client you should always insist on hiring a passion driven catering company like us. 


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I booked a catering service for 40 pax for my dearest baby son Dylan's birthday bash. The food came on time and i am very pleased because most of my guest says the food is excellent. Not too bad for a $13 per person catering. Will recommend to my friend who is having her high tea wedding next month.
Irene Ong

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I was recommended by my colleague Janice who place an order with them for BBQ catering. I ordered a 50 pax house warming celebration and true enough i have some great comments on their food. Keep up the good wok guys.
Christopher Tan

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